Yoga Towel Review

Jade Yoga- Towels!!

If you love Jade Yoga Mats, then read on!!!

I have had my Jade mat for almost 3 years and I use it 5-6 times a week.  It is still in great shape.  It is worn in in all the right places and it supports me when I need it.  Jade mats are made from all natural rubber and do not contain any PVC or synthetic rubber.  The best part about Jade is that for every mat sold, they plant a tree!!  Way to give back Jade!


This past summer, I was chosen to try out the new Jade Yoga Towels.  I used it in the heat of the summer and reported back on how well it worked for my sweating needs.

I tried out the Organic Cotton towel.  This is a towel that drapes over your mat to aid in sweat absorption so that your mat doesn’t turn into a slip and slide!  During the hot months practicing Jivamukti Yoga, I am sweating after my first sun salutation, so a towel is a great item to have on your mat.  This towel absorbed every bit of sweat as soon as it dropped off of my body.  The organic cotton made it soft, yet strong enough to allow some grip to it.  I never once slid on the towel (which tends to happen with other towels).  The other fact that I loved about this towel is that it dried quickly and didn’t need to be washed all the time.  When I left yoga, it would be soaked.  I could hang it on the shower and by morning it was dry and DIDN’T SMELL BAD!  When you practice every day, your towel can still be damp the next class or worse, smell horrible.  But the Jade towel did not do that!

With the summer months coming, make sure you check out Jade Yoga to get a great organic towel to go with your eco friendly Jade Mat!


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