Obama’s White House Picks Jade Yoga Mats for Annual Egg Roll

Jade Yoga Enjoys a Truly Presidential Reputation

If it’s good enough for President Obama to roll out the “natural rubber carpet” for America’s children on Easter Monday, you can bet it’s on WOMAN.ca’s Wellness radar! Jade Yoga Mats gets the most esteemed endorsement in the land: the White House Seal of Approval. You can bet Obama’s administrative aids vet the vendors of official White House events with eagle-eye scrunity to best business practices and ethical eco policies. The theme for this year’s egg roll was: Let’s Go Play’ and sought to encourage America’s youth to lead healthy and active lives. And, for the first time in this 131-year White House tradition, yoga was a big part of this event.

Dean Jerrehian, President of Jade Yoga said, We already knew yoga was a big part of Americans’ lives, with over 15 million people practicing yoga, but with yoga at the White House, which President Obama called the the People House’, now the rest of the country can see thatyoga is for everyone.

Michelle Obama welcomed approximately 30,000 people to the White House with the following words: Our goal today is just to have fun. We want to focus on activity, healthy eating. We’ve gotyoga, we’ve got dancing, we’ve got storytelling, we’ve got Easter egg decorating. Oh, we’ve got basketball (applause) a little soccer, as well. And we want everybody to think about moving their bodies.

Approximately 1,000 kids over the course of the day tried out yoga on their Jade mats, taking classes from some fantastic teachers from Zuda Yoga of Sacramento. The kids had a great time trying different poses (including warrior, tree, downward dog and, of course, child’s pose) and learning a little about yoga.

Jerrehian continues, Not only was it a thrill to be at the White House, but it was even more of a thrill to see so many children under the age of 10 getting on the mats and trying yoga for the first time they loved it. The best part, however, was that we were able to use our new Recycle/Reuse program to find a home for the 50 mats used that day donating them to YoKid, a D.C. organization that provides yoga and meditation instruction to children from all socio-economic backgrounds.



About JadeYoga

JadeYoga, a division of Jade Industries, Inc has been making eco-friendly natural rubberyogamats with unequaled non-slip performance and comfort since 2002. Jade mats are sold in the top independent yoga studios across the United States and around the world. Through its partnership with Trees for the Future, Jade plants a tree for every mat sold. Jade mats are available in three thicknesses (Travel – 1/8″, Professional – 3/16″ and Fusion – 5/16″), two lengths (68″ and 74″), two widths (24 and 27) and nine colors (purple, olive green, chocolate, orchid, sedona red, midnight blue, black, tibetan orange and slate blue. Jade Industries, Inc. has been in the natural rubber business for over 30 years. For more information, visit www.jadeyoga.com

For Canadian Distribution of Jade Yoga products: the most direct way to hook yourself up with WOMAN.ca’s pick for Best Yoga Mat on market is to email Steef Zoetmulder of Stezo Imports –stezo@rogers.com. He’s a terrific point-person and can answer all your Jade Yoga-related queries.

About Zuda Yoga

Located in Sacramento, Zuda Yoga studio is deeply committed to the modern expression of a 5,000 year old way of healthy, whole living. Born from Sanskrit “vizuddha”, meaning “pure”, at ZUDA, Zuda Yoga believes in sharing the many gifts of Yoga to help you find clarity, strength and purity within yourself and your life.

About YoKid

YoKid is a non-profit that provides low- and no-cost instruction in yoga and meditation for all kids of all ages with the belief that through this instruction, kids will be able foster greater self-awareness and, in turn, realize their full potential academically, socially, and emotionally.

It is YoKid’s belief that all children should have access to the benefits of yoga. Therefore, YoKid provides low-cost programming for any interested school or organization, and further-reduced or no-cost programs to children who live in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods and/or receive special education services.


Source: http://goo.gl/RQzL0