Mache – Yoga Mat Storage Tubes


Mache – Yoga Mat Storage Tubes


Beautifully designed, specifically to support the modern yogi that aims to integrate their healthy routine and sustainable lifestyle into a customized, stylish interior decor.

We strive to end yoga mat homelessness and uplift your yoga mat from the dusty floor, free from the hall closet and out from under the bed. Give your yoga mat the proper home it deserves with an eco-friendly Mache tube that supports your practice while honouring the planet.

Design and Manufacturing
The design and manufacturing process of Mache yoga storage tubes promotes wellness from a biological level, by working with the highest quality of sustainably-sourced ingredients and letting the beauty of nature, and natural systems, be celebrated. Read more, please click here.

*Coco Black is only available in extra wide 6.5” interior diameter. It will not fit on the stand.

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We embrace the beauty of biodegradable materials made from local and renewable resources, and rise to the creative challenge of alchemizing recycled materials into modern and innovative applications. Crafted out of non-toxic luxury paper, and 100% recycled wood fibre pulp, our eco-storage will keep your mat clean, tidy, and ready to unroll. Why? Because just like you, we love our yoga practice as much as we love the planet.

All of our yoga storage products are handmade locally in the Pacific Northwest in small batches, and processed clean. We strive to make useful and inspiring goods that reflect responsible manufacturing. Not only is the final product eco-friendly, the fabrication process is too!

Additional information

Dimensions & Weight

Mache tube:
Interior diameter: 6 inch
Exterior diameter: 6.5 inch
Height: 20 inch
Weight: 2 lb

Mache XW tube:
Interior diameter: 6.5 inch
Exterior diameter: 6.875 inch
Height: 22 inch
Weight: 3 lb


Exterior – Durable non-toxic luxury paper
Core – 100% recycled wood fibre pulp
Interior – 100% recycled craft paper (brown) with moisture resistant treatment
End cap – Wood with generous “air hole”


Coco Black, Banana, Palm, Spring Indigo, Plank Silver, Ripple, Poppies, Fir, Beachy, Indigold, In The Garden, I Am Yoga


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