Healing Through the Gift of Yoga

This past summer Victoria Petrogiani was delighted to bring an assortment of JadeYoga mats to the Centro Anay in Cusco, Peru.  It was here that she helped many young girls find inner peace and healing through the practice of yoga. The Centro Anay is an occupational centre that focuses on professional training for “at risk” youth.  JadeYoga is a supporter of many environmental and humanitarian causes, and Steef Zoetmulder of JadeYoga Canada was happy to offer this donation to The Centro Anay.  “The girls were so excited to receive your beautiful and generous donation of yoga mats”.

Victoria enjoyed teaching yoga to the girls over the summer and is grateful for Jade’s contribution to this project, which helped to support a worthy cause. “I appreciate your partnership in making a difference in the lives of these beautiful young girls. The practice of yoga will help strengthen their self esteem and provide opportunities for them to find inner peace and love”.

These mats will remain at the occupational centre, offering girls from the surrounding orphanages and schools high quality support that will continue to enhance their practice through the healing power of yoga instruction. Not only did Petrogiani teach at the centre throughout the summer, but she also trained a local instructor who will continue classes after she returns to Canada. “We are fortunate to have a teacher in place to continue with their yoga journey”.

Petrogiani is a certified yoga teacher as well as an elementary school teacher in the Durham District School Board. She is actively involved in a non-profit organization called Learning for Hope that works with high school students from across the Durham Region and GTA. Learning for Hope organizes a wide range of fundraising activities to help support various projects based in Peru and surrounding areas. Victoria is passionate about Learning for Hope, and continues to raise money and awareness through a variety of yoga initiatives.

To learn more, please visit http://canadianaidforeducation.ca/wp/