Three Minute Egg® Buyer’s Guide

The Three Minute Egg® offers a new way of thinking about yoga props, which allows for unique and diverse applications. With this versatility comes the need for some further clarification. When deciding on which Eggs to purchase, there’s a good chance you’ll have a few questions. For example, what’s the difference between Hard-Boiled Eggs and Namasteggs? Can I choose any colours I want? What are Eco Eggs?  Allow me to elaborate…

There are two variations of the Three Minute Egg®: Hard-Boiled Eggs and Namasteggs. Hard-Boiled Eggs are denser, a bit heavier (5oz.), and come in 2 shades (Slate Grey and Charcoal Grey). Namasteggs are slightly softer, lighter (4oz.), and come in 7 colours (Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Teal, Purple, and Red). While Hard-Boiled Eggs and Namasteggs are all the same shape and size (12″x 4.5″ x 3″), it is the difference in density that is important and noticeable. The general principle is this: if the Eggs are in your hands, and your weight is on the Eggs (think Upward Facing Dog or any arm-balancing pose), you want those Eggs to be the denser Hard-Boiled Eggs— for the most part 2 Eggs are enough. If the Eggs are supporting your head and/or spine (think Supported Fish or Reclining Butterfly Pose) and you’re planning to stay there for a while, you will be more comfortable and better able to relax into the slightly softer Namasteggs— a minimum of 4 is recommended (3 under the spine and 1 under the head).

The ideal ratio of 2 Hard-boiled eggs to 4 Namasteggs is highly recommended.




We currently offer 2 densities:

Regular Density Namasteggs

These Eggs are soft enough for restorative postures and firm enough to support your weight in standing poses. This is a popular choice for studios who want to simplify their offerings and aren’t using Eggs for inversions or full weight-bearing postures (like arm balances). Recommended 2-8 Eggs per person.

Namasteggs are available in 6 beautiful colours and are softer, adding additional comfort when placed under your back and head. Designed and intended for Yin, Restorative, Senior, and Therapeutic Yoga practices, where less pressure is applied to the Egg. These styles will benefit from 4 or more Namast-Eggs in order to assist in supporting alignment, improving balance, and increasing flexibility. If you are serious about your Restorative practice you will want more than 4 Namasteggs, and chances are you can utilize 2 Hard-Boiled Eggs (under your legs or knees for example) where a higher density Egg could be beneficial. While the use of Hard-Boiled Eggs is beneficial for most, those weighing less than 108lbs can still use the softer Namasteggs for all types of yoga practice.

Firm Density Hard-Boiled Eggs

Ideal for Sun Salutations and all weight-bearing postures. Not recommended for restorative or supported backbends. Critical for anyone over 170 lbs. Recommended: 2-4 Eggs per person.

Hard-Boiled Eggs come in come in 2 shades, and are made with higher density foam. It is the higher density foam that is crucial and makes them ideally suited for practices involving arm-balancing and weight-bearing poses, such as Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, and Iyengar Yoga. Hard-Boiled Eggs are an excellent tool for learning and practicing jump-throughs, and add challenge to balancing postures and handstands. If you weigh 108 pounds or more, any time the Eggs are in your hands and your weight is on the Eggs, those Eggs should be Hard-Boiled. The shape of the Egg protects your wrists, and the position of the Egg naturally shifts in order to accommodate your body’s changing orientation to the ground. The height offers you a little more clearance while you learn the technique and build core strength. 2 Hard-Boiled Eggs are generally sufficient for personal use.


Eco Eggs are made with a fully patented 100% biodegradable foam. They are specifically designed to break down most efficiently in a landfill setting. This means that while the Eggs themselves and any foam waste leftover from manufacturing will disappear much faster in the earth, they will last every bit as long during everyday use. All of our ECO products are marked with the word “ECO”. ECO Eggs are available in all colours except in hardboiled Slate and Charcoal. Thank you for making the Three Minute Egg® a part of your life.