Harmony Professional
(4 customer reviews)
5 out of 5 based on 3 customer ratings



Harmony Professional

(4 customer reviews)
5 out of 5 based on 3 customer ratings


Our most popular mat, 3/16 inch thick. A perfect balance between comfort and stability.

The natural choice is the Harmony yoga mat from JadeYoga. Harmony brings together natural rubber from the Far East, one of earth’s most amazing natural resources and Western technology to form a mat that is perfect for your yoga practice.

As Harmony is made of open cell rubber, you can say goodbye to slipping on your mat, even if it gets wet from perspiration. Rubber has long been used where safety demands non-slip performance. Harmony takes advantage of the properties of rubber, resulting in the best slip-resistance on the market. Try it, we are sure you will agree.

Colour Causes
Through our “Colour Cause” program, we donate $5 from each mat of a specific colour mat to a specific cause. For example, $5 from the sale of each Teal mat goes to ovarian cancer causes, $5 from each Pink mat goes to breast cancer charities and $5 from each Saffron Mat goes to autism causes. Through this program last year we raised over $50,000 for ovarian cancer, $25,000 for autism and $8,000 for breast cancer. Some of these colours like Saffron and Pink run for a limited time each year, but Teal has proven so popular, it has run continuously.

PLEASE NOTE: Only Two tone mats are available in size 24” x 71”.


BuyaMat JadeYoga is committed to making the world’s best performing, most environmentally-friendly yoga mats, providing the highest level of customer service and giving back to the earth with every product made. All our mats are made sustainable in the US from natural rubber. They provide an optimum grip and offer better cushion and more resilience than any other yoga mat.



Our mats come in 4 thicknesses, the 3/16 inch thick Professional mat offering the perfect balance between comfort and stability. JadeYoga mats are also great for Pilates and other exercise routines.


4.4 lb, 4.5 lb, 4.8 lb


24 in x 68 in, 24 in x 71 in, 24 in x 74 in


Black, Jade Pink, Jade Saffron, Jade Teal, Key Lime, Midnight Blue, Olive Green, Orchid, Purple, Raspberry, Sedona Red, Slate Blue, Tibetan Orange, Two tone – Chili Pepper/Sedona Red, Two tone – Lavender/Purple, Two tone – Slate/Midnight

4 reviews for Harmony Professional

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    I want to let you know how much I LOVE my new mat. This mat has changed my practice! No more feeling like I am slipping when doing a down dog…feet and hands are secure. The best part of not slipping is my wrists are not hurting anymore. This truly is a great product. It is more expensive than the buy off the shelf at large box stores but well worth the investment. I tell everyone they need to get a Jade Mat!!!

  2. 5 out of 5


    I just bought a jade yoga mat at my yoga studio and they are incredible!! Please if you are hesitating do not hesitate any longer!! I have a regular yoga practice and this mat covers every aspect of a good mat + it is Eco friendly.

  3. 5 out of 5


    After 6 years of yoga, I finally decided to invest in a quality mat and bought this one. It is worth every penny.

    I have bony knees and always had to put a folded towel under them during kneeling moves, but not with this mat. I can do standing poses on it, so it is not too thick, either. When I lay down for shavasana, it doesn’t feel like I’m laying on the hard floor. (It did not smell badly at all.)

    Every time I pull out the mat, I am happy. If you’re doing yoga regularly, it’s worthwhile to make the investment in your mat. Good luck!

  4. 5 out of 5


    I got these mats for my mother and her friend, avid yoga junkies. Although I have no way of knowing just how good the mats are, my mom and her friend are delighted with them. They can’t stop raving about the quality and comfort these have. Very glad I got them this present.

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