Three Minute Egg® Ergonomic Blocks


Three Minute Egg® Ergonomic Blocks

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The Three Minute Egg® is an ergonomically designed Yoga and Pilates prop that comfortably fits the body’s contours. This unique design conforms to the natural curvature of the body, enhancing your practice by adding comfort, protection and support in a variety of dynamic and restorative postures.

Firm density (Charcoal grey and Slate grey) for weight bearing poses.

The size, shape, and texturized soft suede feel makes them a pleasure to practice with. This prop can be integrated into any yoga or pilates practice with ease, changing and evolving your progress more quickly by virtue of its diverse applications.


One of the most innovative yoga props since the invention of the Jade Harmony™ sticky mat! The Eggs have gained increasing popularity since their release in 2007, and are endorsed by such highly respected yoga instructors as Jason Crandell, Aadil Palkhivala, and Annie Carpenter. Three Minute Eggs have greatly enhanced and expanded various styles of yoga practice, and have also become an indispensable tool in pilates, chiropractics, and physical therapy.


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3 reviews for Three Minute Egg® Ergonomic Blocks

  1. Ruth Dargan

    The eggs are more versatile and user friendly for my clients. They have a deeper therapeutic quality. Because they are unique, when I teach to large groups, my participants are more apt to use them.

  2. Aadil Palkhivala

    I use the Three Minute Egg® personally, and keep dozens at Purna Yoga Centers for students. Its curves conform. Its shape soothes. Its density de-stresses. Use the Three Minute Egg® innovatively and it will help you to cultivate flexibility, strength, balance and relaxation. The egg symbolizes creation and birth. Thankfully it doesn’t hatch or break!

  3. Jena Masquelier

    I teach hatha, vinyasa, and hot yoga and I LOVE my three minute eggs. I cannot practice without them due to wrist issues stemming from years of Ashtanga. They’ve changed my practice, my life and the way I approach almost every asana.

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