Balsa Yoga Block


Balsa Yoga Block

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It took a while, but we have finally developed a yoga block that rivals our mats in terms of performance and Eco-friendliness.

JadeYoga Balsa Blocks are made with 100% balsa wood, a rapidly renewable resource, harvested from the balsa trees outside of rain forest areas. Soft, but not spongy, perfect for supporting yoga poses, aiding alignment and opening your practice. A great piece of yoga gear to add to your kit.

The JadeYoga Balsa Block is lightweight and strong – perfect to support poses, aid alignment and open your practice. Balsa wood is used where strength and light weight are paramount – from model airplanes to surfboards to windmill blades. Now balsa wood makes the ideal yoga block.

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BuyaBlockBalsa wood is a rapidly renewable resource growing to maturity in just a few years in the lower altitudes of Ecuador – outside rain forest areas. We use no dyes, finishes, harmful glues, fillers or finishes in our blocks, making JadeYoga’s Balsa Blocks the most eco-friendly yoga blocks available. Throughout our partnership with the Tropical Rainforest Coalition, we preserve 100 square feet of Ecuadorian rainforest with every block sold.

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Natural unfinished Balsa wood

2 reviews for Balsa Yoga Block

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I bring these blocks with me. Currently, I am using the large superlite in my office. When my back gets tired, I put it under my sacrum and lay down for about 5 minutes in a supported bridge pose. It helps to ease fatigue and tension in my back and opens the hips, especially after sitting at the computer. Buying these blocks isn’t just about helping the environment; they are a good product and a sound investment for the traveling yogi. Highly recommended.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    I am tall and this block is taller than some blocks I’ve used by about an inch. I like that it is lightweight and made with environmental responsibility.

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